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Thank you for your interest in WALKINGTHECAT. No doubt you’re also interested in children’s clothing that is a little out of the ordinary and styles that dance to a different beat. Great! Dancing is always a good thing, especially if you manage to look fabulous in the process.

Fashion crazed is one way to describe us. We believe that the clothes a child wears should express just how wonderful they are. But maybe that isn’t such a crazy thought. After all, clothes like this do exist. And they aren’t even that difficult to find. Thanks to Walking The Cat. How cool is that?

With labels like Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Soft Gallery, Indikidual, ESP No. 1, Noé & Zoë, Tocotó vintage, Sunchild, Lötiekids, Buhó, Salt Water Sandals and Monkies we are presenting you with a hand-picked, discerning selection of kidswear that will even make adults envious – especially the fashion crazed amongst you.


Team behind Walking The Cat

  • about-daria

    Daria Surneva

    Founder CEO
    Pinterest addict

  • ella

    Ella Surneva

    Fashion Consultant
    Outstanding Dancer

  • martina

    Martina Dichtl

    CD Interface Design
    Loves stripes / I AM KICKED

  • lisa

    Lisa Kirchner

    CD Design Illustration
    Cake Lover / ALL THAT YAY

  • joselline

    Josseline Berft

    Always freezing at the Office

  • dog

    Kai Spätlich

    Likes working undercover / EFFEMBE

  • about-cat

    Die Katze

    Always looking good